Sandy Dolan Maine Painting and Photography: Back Cove - Day Four SOLD

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Back Cove - Day Four SOLD

                        Back Cove  New Harbor Maine  6x8 oil on canvas panel

This past fall my painting friend Dianne and I took a trip to New Harbor. We found this area called the Back Cove. This was quite a nice location for painting as it was very quiet so we could set up our easels and painting equipment without being in anyone's way. Some lobstermen paused to chat with us a bit. In the background we could hear the sounds of boats making their way in and out of the small cove. It was a very pleasant day of working outside. This day four painting was done from a photo I took that day while we worked.

This painting can be purchased through my Etsy shop.   
 Thank you, Sandy


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