Sandy Dolan Maine Painting and Photography: February 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lunksoos Continued:


                                     Photograph   Morning Mist Lunksoos Camps         S. Dolan

   I wanted to share a few more images from the Lunksoos Aritsts Retreat.  Many of us would get up before the sunrise to catch the most interesting light. It was often so cold that mist would be rising off the waterways and valleys.

                                                                 6"x8" oil painting

I was drawn to the way the vibrant colors mingled with the cool water. I was painting this standing in the shade of the shoreline trees. It was very cold. At one point I had to put down my brushes and go for a run. I think the other artists got a chuckle out of me trying to warm up. In this painting I tried to capture the gesture of the water passing over the rocks and the reflection of the bright colors from  the surrounding trees.
                                                                   6"x6" oil painting

During the winter months I sometimes work on paintings in the studio that I have started earlier in the year outside.  These two paintings fall into that category. The one above I came close to throwing out. It is important to me to edit as I go.  I think I managed to rescue this one though with some extra work. I try to learn from each painting that I do.