Sandy Dolan Maine Painting and Photography: November 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Large Plein Air and Traveling in the State of Maine

                           September Light    Monhegan Island, Maine 8x16 on canvas panel

This fall I got a chance to do quite a bit of traveling around the state of Maine. Many people have said that this has been one of the best fall seasons in recent memory. I couldn't agree more. I love the light as the sun gets lower in the sky this time of year. I think this painting of Monhegan speaks to that.

 I decided this fall that it was time to get one of my painting goals moving forward and that goal was to paint some large canvases on location. Here is the back of my station wagon loaded up with two large canvases, one 24x24, one 24x30.

I found out I really like painting this large on location.
Here is the 24x30 set up on a great light weight easel I found at a second hand shop. I am standing at  a place called The Crib Works near Millinocket, Maine. This was such an exciting place to paint. There were some white water rafters passing by as I painted. They were having fun! That is the top of Mount Katahdin you can see in the very back at the top of that ridge. I will complete this painting in the studio. I think I got a good start on it here.
Here is a picture of this location taken by a fellow painter from the other side of the river. If you click on the image and look closely you can see I am a little red dot standing on that large rock right in the middle. One thing you can't tell from the photo is the roar of the river was incredibly loud.
I took this lucky photo of a deer in Acadia National Park last week while out scouting for painting locations. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think about painting large outside. I found out I love it!  Sandy