Sandy Dolan Maine Painting and Photography: July 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Tug and T.V. Commercial SOLD

"Harbor Guardian" 6x6 oil  SOLD
            Here is the tug boat painting that I spoke of in the last post. I went down to the water front in Belfast. A painter friend and I started to walk around the area to look for a good painting location. As we passed The Front Street Pub a funny thing happened. A local T.V. station was at the pub making a commercial for the pub. The pub owners asked us if we would be willing to be stand in customers for the recording. Soon we were sitting on the front deck sipping pretty drinks and pretending to eat mussels as the cameras rolled.  That was fun!  We were given coupons for meals at the pub in return! Off we went and decided that painting the tug was the thing to do that day. Just another day in the life of a plein air painter!

6x6 oil on panel "Harbor Gaurdian" Belfast, Maine

Monday, July 2, 2012

Three to Get Ready SOLD

"Three to Get Ready"  SOLD

                         This is a painting I recently finished. I was attracted to this scene by the lyrical shapes of the boats lined up and the interesting shadows they were casting on the street. I spent two mornings painting plein air for about two hours each session getting the boats and shadows the way I wanted them. I struggled a bit with the light on the small building directly behind the boats. I wanted to get the reflected light on the left side of the structure. These boats were hauled out of the harbor because of pending bad weather so I decided to name it "Three to Get Ready".
                        This coming weekend I will be showing this painting and others at the Belfast Arts in the Park.  I have been down at the waterfront in Belfast this week painting a scene that includes one of the tug boats there. I will post that painting when it is done. Hopfully it will be finished in time for the weekend show too.