Sandy Dolan Maine Painting and Photography: February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Sun Kissed SOLD!

                                          Sun Kissed 24x30 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I recently finished this 24x30 painting of sunflowers. Those of you who have been following me will see that it resembles  a small painting I did in January.  I  used that smaller study to then jump into a large canvas.  I was really quite intimidated by the large blank canvas at first. I am not used to working in this size. I sketched it in first in my usual way with a thin cobalt violet line drawing. Then starting in the upper left corner I worked my way through to the finished piece.

  Here is a photo of the canvas in mid process. You can see here that I started with a thin wash of cad red light all over the canvas. I wanted to add warmth to this painting as this color peeks out through the second layer of paint. Here you can also see my simple line drawing.

I am applying to my outdoor shows for this coming season. I have one more application to do tomorrow when it comes on line then the process of show applications will be over. That is always a good feeling. Now the wait to see which ones I get into through the jury phase. I am looking forward to this year and will post all my shows when I know what they will be for sure.

Today I delivered three canvases to the Aarhus Gallery in Belfast. They will be on display for the month of March along with many other local artists work. This is always a fun show with a wide variety of work. The opening is great because many people come out to see the work and all their friends who have been hibernating all winter come out too. It is a big reunion of sorts.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!! I really appreciate your thoughts and attention!!