Sandy Dolan Maine Painting and Photography: Lupines and Daisies Day 3 SOLD!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lupines and Daisies Day 3 SOLD!

                                     Lupines and Daisies 6x6 oil on Ray Mar panel $150.00

  If you have ever been to Maine in early June you have probably seen the spectacular landscape with many fields of  flowers called lupine. They come in white and pink but mostly they are purple spike shaped blooms. I saw this house while out searching for painting locations last June. I imagined that lupine season must be one of the owner's favorite times of year. This is painted today from a photo I took that day. Today I was trying to load my brush with paint and make decisive strokes and leave it. It really makes me think about what I will do next before I make a move. I wanted to have a loose feeling to get a shimmery light effect.
I think this is fun painting a new thing each day. I hope you are liking it too!

Available for $150.00 email me at