Sandy Dolan Maine Painting and Photography: Acadia Tidal Zone SOLD

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Acadia Tidal Zone SOLD

                                            Tidal Zone  6x8 oil on Ray Mar canvas panel

  Fall is a great time to play with color in the landscape. I have been having fun doing just that. This is a painting of a tidal zone near Acadia National Park. I love the morning light in this location and thought I would punch up the colors some.


  1. This is a lovely piece, Sandy!

    Love the colors and the design! Great job!

    You know, while I'm not from Maine, I have visited quite a few times. I cannot get enough! Maine is such a beautiful place, especially in summers! Portland! Kennebunk! Boothsbay! You name it!


    Last time I was in town, I saw the Winslow Homer Exhibit in Portland! What a treat!

    1. Thank you Robert for your thoughtful comment! It means a lot to me to hear from other artists. As you can imagine I just love it here too. All those places you mentioned and then some.
      I had to indulge myself by going three times to see the Winslow Homer show in Portland. To stand in front of those giant seascapes was an experience I won't forget!
      Thanks again Robert.