Sandy Dolan Maine Painting and Photography: Confetti Roses SOLD!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Confetti Roses SOLD!

Confetti Roses 6x6 oil on Ray Mar panel $125.00
I chose this subject as I thought I would continue the rose theme from yesterday. This one
was a lot harder than I thought it would be and at one point I considered giving up on it. I was trying to work with the warm and cool colors but it was difficult to simplify things enough.  I think including the word confetti in the title is appropriate here!
We are on to the second week of the painting challenge and I am looking forward to continuing. Tomorrow I will head out with a painter friend to do some location painting. I hope you will check back to see what I bring home. Thank you for stopping by to have a look today!
This is available for purchase. Please email me at


  1. So glad you didn't give up on this one!! It is SO pretty, and has such lovely delicate colors!

    Happy Painting.

  2. Thank you so much Joan for your encouraging and thoughtful words. It means a lot to me!!